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Celebrating Diamond Jubilee (1954 - 2014)
60 Years of Dedicated Services

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California Chapter - Kitchen Khiladi
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Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy (The Founder: 1886-1968)
Dr. S.Krishnamurthy (Doyen of Oncology: 1919-2010)
Dr.V.Shanta (Chairman, Cancer Institute)

Cancer Institute Foundation (WIA) is a US based organization (volunteer groups) dedicated to raise funds and support the Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar in all aspects of Cancer Treatment and Research.

The Great Founder Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy's Mission

The Great Founder Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy

The Cancer Institute WIA(Women India Association), Adyar, Chennai is One of A Kind Institution in India whose mission is to offer the best care when the disease strikes, regardless of who it is. The Institute has been delivering free cancer care for thousands of needy patients over the past 50 years. "Today, the Cancer Institute is the only free standing, non-profit, non-Government, autonomous institution that provides excellent care".

Kudos To Dr.V.Shanta

Dr.V.Shanta, Chairman of the Cancer Institute

Cancer Institute Foundation WIA(CIFWIA) is proud and privileged to congratulate the eminent physician & Chairman, Dr.V.Shanta, the recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award for the year 2005, for her tireless service to the study and treatment of Cancer.

Priyanka, The success story

The Cancer Institute completes in 2014, 60 years of what we believe is a very useful life. It has striven under great odds and against near insurmountable obstacles of financial poverty and an almost indifferent ambiance, to fulfill the objectives of its founderů. bringing to the poorest in the land the most refined scientific technology and excellent patient care.

Recipient of Kobayashi Award

Here was a man, whence come another?

Dr. T. Rajkumar is the Head of Department of Molecular Oncology at the Cancer Institute Foundation in Adyar, Chennai. Recently, he was awarded the Kobayashi Foundation Award for Cancer Research. Dr. Rajkumar's research has provided new levels of understanding on drug resistance in aggressive bone cancer among children and adolescents, known as Osteosarcomas. It is hoped that this research will not only help people suffering from bone cancer, but also those suffering from breast cancer.
He used for his research two types of cell lines - drug sensitive and drug resistant cells. He studied how the drug resistant mutant varied from the drug sensitive cells, and specifically how they reacted with the osteosarcoma cancer cells.
As recently as thirty years ago, there was no cure for aggressive bone tumours. When encountered, doctors were left with no choice but to remove the limbs, and even then the survival rates were less than 20 percent. The Cancer Institute then introduced a concept of limb conservation using custom made prosthesis, and this increased the cure rate to around 60%.

California Chapter

Aug 09th, 2014 - Saturday 5.30pm
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Chabhot College
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Siddharth Performance

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Saaral Teaser

California Chapter - Cricket Match For A Cause
May 3,10,11,17, & 31, 2014 - 11.30am to 6pm

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2nd year Cricket Tournament - 2014

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2012 Achievements

1. Supported to treat 24 children including Diagnosis,Hospitalization, Treatments & Follow up.

2. Donated to build a New Men's Free Treatment Ward.

Dr.S.Krishnamurthy (1919-2010)
Doyen of Oncology

Here was a man, whence come another?

Rarely do we see people who are filled with passion, and are directing all their energies towards their passion. One such man was Dr. S.Krishnamurthy. He made it his mission in life to provide quality cancer care to the poor in India. His life was purposeful and totally dedicated to science and cancer care. Born to Dr. Muthulakshmi (the first Woman medical graduate) and Sundara Reddy, Dr. Krishnamurthy was educated in India and abroad.

"There is enough wealth in our nation to perpetuate an evil and vicious caste of high priest; there is generosity enough to thrust memorials on men whose very lives were lived to demonstrate their emptiness; there is enough humanity to make a fetish and fashion of Ahimsa, but there is neither money nor wealth nor generosity nor humanity to build a home for the poor sufferers of cancer. I think it is time we transferred a little of our Ahimsa from our books to our lives." - Dr.S.Krihnamurthy

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Cancer Institute Foundation Inc

We can assure you that whatever DONATION is given to us will be tended carefully and used wisely. The return in service and scientific endeavor will far outweigh in value the money contributed.

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