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Opening of Diamond Jubilee Buildings

Opening of Diamond Jubilee Buildings

As part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations Cancer Institute in Adayar, Chennai undertook new building infrastructure improvements.

This includes a Diamond Jubilee Building with outpatient cubicles, nuclear medicine facilities, modern blood bank, bone marrow transplant unit, ICU beds, modern operation theaters and post operative beds. Other facilities include Mahavir Ashray Palliative Care Center with quarters for doctors and nurses, a Day Care Center to provide outpatient
treatments like chemo therapy that does not require patients to stay overnight and L&T Illam for Nurses with onsite quarters for nurses.

Cancer Institute Foundation made a significant contribution towards the state of the art operation theater and the day care center. We take this opportunity to thank our donors and sponsors for your generous support.

These facilities were inaugurated on April 12, 2018 by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Please check out the news coverage of the inauguration by Thanthi TV. Please also see the video of the facilities.