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Power of Yoga

Power of Yoga

Thendral Tamil magazine interviewed Ms. Vedavalli for June 2018 issue. She was a top performer in a multinational corporate company when she discovered she had stage-3 cancer. She was only 32. The whole world crumbled around her.

One of the doctors recommended her to take up yoga. She started
taking yoga lessons from Yogacharya Jayagopal (Sivarishi). He introduced
her to yoganidra, a type of yoga training to control body, thought and
breathing. She had miraculous recovery and decided to bring the power of
yoga to other cancer patients. She started a group named Saki and
visited Cancer Institute on weekends and taught yoga to cancer patients.
She decided not to go back to work and started Sathyananda Yogam to 
teach yoga full time to patients at her home. She decided to take the
power of yoga to special need children and started training them also.
She could see significant improvement in their condition.

When life threw a curve ball at her not only did she face it bravely, she also decided to help others. Read her inspiring story here. You can also read the PDF version of the interview here. If you do not read Tamil but understand it, you can listen the entire interview narrated here.

“The News Minute” Interview of Dr. Shanta

“The News Minute” Interview of Dr. Shanta

The News Minute interviewed Dr. Shanta about her early life and her thoughts on healthcare today. This interview carries interesting insight into the early life of Dr. Shanta and also some of the rare photos of Dr. Shanta from her early years.

She talks about her family background and how she decided to go to medical school. She also talks about why she decided to pursue oncology. She discusses her initial days at the Cancer Institute. On the present state of medicine she calls out that medicine is no longer a human issue; medicine has become a business, an industry. She expresses concern that service ethos is gone and there is also no political understanding at the top that cancer needs special attention. She concludes the interview with a quip “so much to be done and so little has been done”.

You can read the full interview here. If this link does not work you can read the PDF version of the interview here.