Cancer Institute Foundation has been raising funds for Adyar Cancer Institute since 2005 in the US. The funds raised have been put to great use for the treatment of cancer. We have highlighted below how the funds have been utilized.

CIF raised $333,000 to set up Early Diagnostic Center in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu.  The center will focus on screening the villages for potential risk for cancer in and around Pudukkottai. The center will also focus on Tobacco Cessation and Cancer Education programs.

Dr. Shanta’s vision is to set up such screening centers in every district of Tamil Nadu. In future this program will be expanded to the rest of India as well.

Learn about the inauguration of Pudukkottai center in our blog. Learn more about this project here and donate generously!

PDK Center 12

Undertook construction of state of the art Walk-in Chemo Center at the cost of $180,000. The center can provide chemo therapy to 15 patients a day. Funds are also used for the cost of drugs for chemo therapy which is around $900 per person for 6 sessions.

Op Theater under construction

CIF donated $200,000 towards equipment, and building a state of the art operation theater. The theater can handle 10 surgeries per day. It can also support treating 33 Stage-1 breast cancer patients per day. The facilities were inaugurated on April 12, 2018 by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Learn more in our blog.

PM Modiji with Dr Shanta

 C ancer Institute Foundation bought state of the art GE Optima MRI machine. It reduced the scan time and enabled to scan once and reformat the output to sub-mm resolution.

MRI Machine

 C ancer Institute Foundation donated $176,000 towards building a new men’s free treatment ward. CIF also donated $24,000 to treat 24 children including diagnosis, hospitalization, treatments and follow up.

Treating children

 C ancer Institute Foundation bought Digital Microselectron unit for $160,000 to treat cancer by radiation. Microselectron enables highly conformal treatment of localized radiation for gynecologic, breast, prostate, skin, and endorectal cancers. CIF also raised funds to treat 33 stage-1 breast cancer patients.


 C ancer Institute Foundation donated $151,000 to purchase GE state of the art digital mammogram to treat breast cancer.


CIF supported expenses for two mobile clinics to promote prevention and early detection of caner.

Treating childrenCIF also donated $9,000 to treat 10 children including diagnosis, hospitalization, treatments, and follow up.

 C ancer Institute Foundation donated $52,000 towards expenses for two mobile clinics to promote prevention, early detection of cancer, and treat breast cancer.

Mobile Lab

CIF also donated $10,000 worth of anti cancer medicines.


 C ancer Institute Foundation donated 2 mobile labs, hired 20 trained staff and equipped the labs with state of the art diagnostic instruments.

Mobile Lab

 Cancer Institute Foundation bought state of the art GE digital Radiograph for $180,000. It can produce high precision image without any film and can be used to diagnose up to 70 patients a day. CIF also donated to Dr. Shanta’s service to poor cancer victims.

Digital Radiograph

 C ancer Institute Foundation bought $10,000 worth of anti cancer drugs for Adyar Cancer Institute.


 C ancer Institute Foundation raised $10,000 to purchase anti cancer drugs for Adyar Cancer Institute.


C ancer Institute Foundation raised funds to purchase anti cancer drugs for Adyar Cancer Institute.