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Collaboration with NCI

Mar 4, 2016

Cancer Institute and the Center for Global Health, National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA, will collaborate on research, following a memorandum of understating signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Barack Obama last June.

According to NCI’s Director Edward Trimble that NCI is looking at learning from the institute’s experiences in implementing training for healthcare workers in early detection and screening.

The institute is currently developing an Elisa test which would provide more specificity in identifying pre-cancerous lesions. With the results being provided within a few hours, the patient would also undergo further treatment if necessary immediately.

Dr. Shanta expressed “Many of the personalised care (procedures) reach only five per cent of the population. But in a country with limited resources we need procedures that can reach a large population.”

Let us hope that the collaboration between Cancer Institute and NCI results in new innovations in prevention of cancer.

Read the full story in The Hindu.


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