An Appeal for Donation

Dear patrons of Cancer Institute Foundation,

We are writing to you at a time when the whole world is facing a monumental challenge of fighting Covid-19. We hope that you, your family and everyone near and dear to you are following shelter in place orders and staying safe and healthy.

While we are collectively fighting our new enemy coronavirus, Adayar Cancer Institute has been fighting against Cancer for many decades. The hospital has been open and operating during these difficult times. The safety of our doctors, nurses, staff and our patients are of paramount importance. Particularly cancer patients are more susceptible to be impacted by coronavirus. The hospital has been taking extra precautions to operate safely by maintaining safe social distancing and strictly following the regulations set forth by Governments of India and Tamil Nadu.

At the same time the hospital is also facing financial challenges. There has been a drop in the number of patients who can afford to pay for their treatments. Due to manufacturing impacts and reduced inventory the cost of drugs for chemotherapy and other treatments have gone up. They are continuing to provide high quality of service and offer free treatment to the poor. However, the hospital is struggling to pay the expenses for staff, maintenance of the hospital and equipment. If the lock down continues for the next few months, the Institute will be forced to take unthinkable steps to implement pay cuts, reduce staff and offer fewer free services.

We realize that many of our patrons are facing financial challenges in these difficult times. We request you to help us, if you can, so that our Adayar hospital can continue to serve the poor who are fighting for life with Cancer. We appreciate any amount, however small it is, you can contribute.

Please donate generously and help us.

Thanks & Regards,

Yours sincerely

CIF Volunteers.