Million Dollar Project

Million Dollar ProjectOn the occasion of the 90th birthday of Dr. Shanta, Cancer Institute Foundation is launching the Million Dollar Project. The goal of the project is to raise one million dollars for Cancer Screening & Prevention Centers in 3 southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

These centers will provide easy access to quality preventive care to people who live in south Tamil Nadu who cannot afford to travel to Chennai for diagnosis. These centers will help with early diagnosis of cancer to these patients which will greatly increase their chances of survival.

The centers will also offer palliative care for patients with advanced stage of cancer. The centers will be fitted with the state of the art equipment and staffed with qualified oncologists. After initial diagnosis, patients will be referred to Adyar Cancer Institute for advanced treatment, if necessary.

Even though we are starting with 3 districts now, Dr. Shanta's vision is to establish a Cancer Screening & Prevention Center in each district of Tamil Nadu.

Please donate generously for this project. You can donate online following the instructions in this page. To donate by check make it payable to Cancer Institute Foundation and mail it to 7625 West Hill Lane, Cupertino, CA 95014.

If you want to learn more about the project, please contact us by email at

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Cancer Screening & Prevention Centers

in 3 districts of Tamil Nadu

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