June 14, 2014

Millbury High School
Millbury, MA
Gaanavaaridhi School of Music, lead by vocalist / carnatic music teacher Smt. Bhuvana Ganesh in Shrewsbury, MA conducted its annual day carnatic music function as a fundraising concert for Cancer Institute Foundation.

More than 60 students of all levels – beginners to advanced – presented various krithis. Groups of young kids came on stage one after the other and performed 2 or 3 songs each without any interruption. The event had been appropriately named – Naadhaamrutham – Music (Naadham) as a means to wellbeing; music as a medicine (Amrutham) for keeping oneself healthy. True to this spirit, Gaanavaaridhi students rendered nearly 4 hours of continuous “Amrutha Dhare”! It was a fulfulling musical evening.