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President Commits to Cancer Research

Jan 15, 2016

Cancer research has received the much needed boost from President Obama and Vice President Biden. During his state of the union speech on January 12, 2016 President Obama announced their commitment to cancer research.

Since losing his son to brain cancer last year, Vice President Biden has been working closely with American Association of Cancer Research
and top cancer researchers and physician-scientists to learn about the
current state of cancer research and treatment and potential
opportunities to advance the pace of progress. Thanks to his lobbying it
helped secure a $2-billion increase for National Institute of Health in this year’s spending legislation. National Cancer Institute is part of NIH.

Last October Vice President Biden said the country needs “a moonshot”
to cure cancer and vowed to spend his next 15 months in office to
advance this cause. During his address President Obama nominated Vice
President Biden in charge of carrying out the “moonshot” to find a cure
and announced “For the loved ones we’ve all lost, for the family we can
still save, let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and
for all”.

Let us hope for and look forward to good things to come out of this commitment in the near future.

Read the full coverage in USA Today, NBC News, and The Hill. Read about Vice President Biden’s plans and next steps in his blog post in Medium.


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