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State of Cancer in India

Nov 1, 2015

It is a well known fact that the fight against cancer requires early detection and treatment. India Today magazine published an article last year that covered several aspects of the state of cancer in India. It covers what are the danger signs that Indians should look for. It also talks about the missed cues by many Indians in detecting and treating cancer early. The report highlights the statistics on the grim reality of cancer deaths in India many of which could be prevented with early detection and treatment. By using examples of celebrities who fought against cancer and survived the article encourages Indians to be aware of the benefits of early detection. The article asks “Hasn’t Koirala fought her way back to recovery? Didn’t we witness Yuvraj Singh, 32, powering back to cricket after beating back germ cell cancer? Hasn’t actor Lisa Ray, 41, bounced back to a winning career after her aggressive bone marrow myeloma?”. Read the full article by India Today here.

Picture courtesy: India Today.


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