Joining hands Volunteering is a great and rewarding way to spend few hours of your free time in the evenings or weekends. We understand people have a hectic lifestyle. Our requirements are so diverse that we can accommodate your efforts to contribute based on your availability. Some volunteers provide assistance in a periodic fashion that does not correlate with events, others work to prepare for an up coming event, whereas others choose to participate solely on the day of the event.

Besides when you volunteer you,

  • spend quality time with people who appreciate and share your philanthropic spirit
  • gain valuable community service experience
  • save lives of poor and needy
  • get a sense of accomplishment
  • have fun learning about yourself while aiding those less fortunate

The SF Bay Area chapter is looking for people to help organize local fund raising events. The timings for various volunteer activities are very flexible. We are looking for people of all ages. Children are most welcome.

Some examples of volunteer activities include:

  • advertising for the events
  • managing a fund raising booth
  • ushering during an event
  • food/snack distribution and sales during an event
  • accounting and book keeping
  • updating and maintaining our website
  • corporate out reach
  • leading and organizing an event (with the help of more volunteers)

If you are interested to Volunteer or have further questions please contact us.

Local Chapters

The Cancer Institute Foundation is looking for energetic, passionate, and organized individuals who wish to start local chapters of the CIFWIA organization. This is a rewarding investment of your time. Basic infrastructure and inclusion in some national scale events will be provided. Please contact us for more details.

Volunteer Oncologists

The Cancer Institute is seeking seasoned Oncologists who are willing to donate a year of service to treat cancer patients in Chennai, India. Please contact us for more details.

Join WhatsApp Group

Join the WhatsApp group for volunteers to keep informed of volunteering opportunities and receive important notifications. Send an email with your WhatsApp number to infous@cifwia.org.